Frequently Asked Questions

Our custom-built, eco-friendly truck comes to your neighborhood the day immediately following a regular trash collection day. This includes Saturday if your collection day is on a Friday. There is no need for you to be at home. Just leave the trash cans at the curb, by 8 a.m. the morning of service and we will clean, sanitize, and deodorize your bins right at your curb.

We have a variety of plans to suit your needs and budget. Choose the one that works best for you”. Sign Up

Our sign-up process starts with a map check to make sure you are within our service area. We need to keep our routes tight so that we can service our customers efficiently and effectively. If we aren’t currently servicing your area, don’t worry! We are growing quickly. Just leave us your email address and we will be in touch when we offer service in your neighborhood.

Our custom-built truck blasts 200-degree water at a thundering 3000 psi. It will do a much better job of cleaning than you’re able to do with the tools in your garage. And our eco-friendly solution takes the contaminated water away with us for proper disposal. Do-it-yourself cleaners often kick the can over in the driveway, sending dirty water (and more concerningly) cleaning agents down the storm drain and into Puget Sound.

The majority of our customers choose the Quarterly plan. Before Orca Bin Wash came around they were typically never cleaned them, so 4 times a year is a huge improvement!  But if that doesn’t work for you, we have other plans that you can choose from as well.

We come the day after a regular trash collection day. You’ll get a text from us both the day before and then again on the morning of your cleaning.

No problem, simply call or email us in advance of your cleaning day and we will reschedule you for another time. Unfortunately, if you do not let us know and we come to your home to provide the service, your account cannot be credited.

Ha … no contract here! We figure that we need to do a great job every time we come to keep earning your business. If we do that, you’ll keep getting your bins cleaned and tell all your friends. If you don’t want us to come by any more, there is no need to consult your lawyer. Just give us a call and say you’d like to cancel.

Great question! Our trucks are tough on grime, but gentle on the environment. We leave with all the dirty water we generate, so nothing goes down the storm drain at your house. At the end of the day, we dispose of the water properly so that it runs through an approved water treatment facility.